As we look to the future, your local Land Trust is focused on the remaining ranch lands and the large land parcels in the heart of the Lake Creek Valley. We are hard at work, and at the negotiating table with local landowners, to save these lands in their current, natural state for generations to come. This includes the 640-acre State Land Board parcel that is contiguous with National Forest land, and the 1,280-acre Scudder-Webster Joint Venture Ranch. These vast and environmentally-rich ranch lands contain some of the most significant and important conservation values within Lake Creek, and we will continue to push for their permanent protection as part of our campaign.  We will continue to identify willing landowners in the Lake Creek Valley to discuss conservation options for their land.  Your local Land Trust is the voice of conservation in the Lake Creek Valley, and we are willing to work with all Lake Creek landowners to ensure that land use decisions consider conservation as a primary goal.

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